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This 4 week BREAK THE HABIT program includes online coaching, workouts, and weekly break habit goals. This will help you achieve your ideal body and help relieve you of the restrictive dieting regimen that never works.

What's included?

  • Weekly updates in regards to progress, goals, and program adjustments.
  • • Educating you about the different dieting protocols, places to improve and tweak, and further provide knowledge to allow you to have confidence in the changes being made.
  • •Weekly check-ins to see how you are progressing.
  •  Educating you to create long-lasting habits so you’ll be able to have more balance when it comes to fitness and everyday life.
  • My goal is once you are done with this transformation you will be on track to live a more healthy and confident lifestyle.
  • You will also have 24/7 access via text, helping you stay on track throughout your program.


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